Meet Tony Fazio, Regency’s New CEO

August ushers in a new era at Regency Investment Advisors with the addition of new CEO Tony Fazio. Regency created the CEO position to help manage and facilitate its continuing growth, President Dan Ray says. In Tony, Regency found a great fit. Tony will focus on running the business, allowing Regency’s highly trained group of […]

Regency Market Commentary Through July 31, 2020

After a historically fast decline in equity markets, the recovery has been just as historic. At the end of July, the S&P 500 index was less than 4% away from reaching the all-time high set in wFebruary. Fixed-income markets followed the same pattern: a steep decline followed by a strong recovery. The overall economy, on […]

Client Corner: Charles Schwab

Every year in October, Regency contacted many of you explaining that we would ask Charles Schwab to process any Required Minimum Distributions (“RMDs”) that were still outstanding for the year. Due to the CARES Act, RMDs for everyone with IRAs and 401(k)-type accounts (but not defined benefit plans) are suspended in 2020. Therefore, Regency will […]

Regency President Bob Longatti Retires… Again

Bob Longatti, a founding member of Regency back in 1993, came out of retirement last year to serve as company president. Now, he’s heading back to his home in the hills to enjoy his official retirement. “After more than forty-five years in executive bank management, I certainly was not looking for more challenges,” he says. […]

Blood for the Valley

During WW2, there was a challenge of drawing sufficient blood to meet the need of veterans in the combat arena. When doctors returned from thewar to the Central Valley, they found there was insufficient blood in local hospitals available to treat their patients. Thus, the precursor to thecurrent organization was founded. The initial Valley Blood […]


Going into the second half of January we were getting ready to write how relatively calm and upbeat things had been since our previous letter. Sure, we had impeachment. Sure, we had the Democratic pre-primaries and the concerns about what might happen if one of the ultra-progressive candidates (Senators Sanders and Warren) became the nominee. […]