Regency President Bob Longatti Retires… Again

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Bob Longatti, a founding member of Regency back in 1993, came out of retirement last year to serve as company president. Now, he’s heading back to his home in the hills to enjoy his official retirement.

“After more than forty-five years in executive bank management, I certainly was not looking for more challenges,” he says. “I considered myself a recovering banker rather than a retired one. But when Regency asked me to serve as president while remaining on the Board of Directors, my respect for the company, the owners and associates was such that I could not say no.”

Bob, who retired for the first time in 2015, retiring — again — with the arrival of new CEO Tony Fazio.

Tony stepped into that position August 1st.

“I accepted (the position of president) with the understanding the company would soon need to replace me with a younger person who could build on my initiatives and make greater contributions on a long-term basis,” Longatti says. “I found that person in Tony Fazio. I have full confidence in his ability to lead Regency, so now I can resume my retirement efforts.”

Bob is humble about his career at Regency. His biggest accomplishment? “I had none,” he says. “Rather, the associates at Regency had them. I was only the decision-maker that allowed them to excel.”

That decision-making ability made Bob the ideal leader for the Regency team. A graduate of Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, he brought nearly a half-century in bank management to the table. His skills helped create the kind of insight and dependability that Regency’s clients have come to rely on.

“I was so fortunate to end my business career surrounded by outstanding professionals who sincerely consider the best interest of their clients and our community in every decision they make,” he says.

Bob’s not leaving public life. Far from it. He’ll continue to serve on the Regency Investment Advisors board, among others, including the Central California Blood Center board.

He also volunteers with the Red Cross, setting up shelters as needed during fire season.

Bob plans to spend time in retirement with his wife, Holly, enjoying their five grandkids. He looks forward to catching up on projects around the house in the Sierra foothills, and at their cabin near Bass Lake.

“The entire staff at Regency Investment Advisors greatly appreciate Bob’s hard work and dedication to the organization,” Fazio says. “We wish him the best in his retirement and the future.”

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