Regency’s Kelly Carey: Friendly competition, with a smile

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Regency’s Kelly Carey loved growing up in Fresno. Like many, she thought about going out of town for college, seeing what other options might be out there. But in the end, Kelly decided staying in Fresno and attending Fresno State were her best choices. 

“I figured I could always explore other opportunities after graduation,” Kelly recalled. “But I soon realized the opportunities offered with Regency would keep me in town. And I’m so happy I stayed.” 

Regency is happy she stayed, too, hiring her back in 2015 as our receptionist. Today, just four years later and after handling all account administration and service-related issues as our Administrative Director, Kelly has earned another promotion. This month, Kelly takes on the role of Regency’s Human Resources Director, taking on responsibilities for hiring, new hire training, and much more. 

Not bad for someone who took on Regency as her first job just four years ago. 

A memorable interview 

“I remember my first Regency interview, with Marci Deck, when she told me Regency was her first job at 19. But there I was, looking at an owner across from me — a woman owner — and I couldn’t help but to see a little of myself in that,” Kelly said. “ I wanted to achieve something similar in my own career, and I knew then Regency was where I wanted to be. It was the quality of the people here. I knew immediately they were a great team, and I could see myself here long term.” 

So what abilities allow someone to take on an opportunity like that with such success? We’ve found that Kelly has a drive, a competitive nature, that allows her to meet any challenge coming her way while moving the whole team forward and finishing with a smile.

And where does she believe this ability came from? “Sports,” she said. 

“I’ve played sports my entire life, first at St. Anthony’s, then San Joaquin Memorial, where I played basketball and volleyball and was team captain all four years,” Kelly recalled. Kelly cited an important lesson she took away from all of those sports. “On the court it’s never about you; you can’t do it without the people around you. I’ve tried to bring that lesson into my professional career, too. Regency works as a team for the best interest of our clients, assisting one another every step along the way.” 

Kelly brought that team spirit to Regency after graduating from Fresno State with a BS in Business Administration. She was also part of the Delta Gamma Sorority, where she participated in community service work, and where she was recognized with the Friendship Award voted on by the entire chapter during her senior year. “It was an honor to be recognized by my peers and the perfect ending to my college days”, she said. 

Kelly believes in the value of hard work, and in finding ways to not only stay motivated, but in motivating the people around her. But that does not represent a win-at-all-costs approach. “I’m competitive, but in a good way,” she said. “I’m a quiet leader, I try to live by the golden rule, to treat others the way I want to be treated, and I believe that in my work life, personal life, every aspect. I like to think I’m as dedicated as they come, but it’s friendly competition, to better yourself and the people around you.” 

The big picture

 In her off-hours, Kelly enjoys time with family and friends, running, hiking in the foothills around Fresno, and following around Kayla, her 80-pound yellow lab, on many such journeys around the area. “When I’m not in Fresno, you can find me visiting my brother, sister, brother-in-law and the new family favorite, my 2-month-old niece Harper in Monterey,” she said. “I adore taking Kayla to Carmel Beach and watch her run, play and swim in the ocean.” 

When Kelly considers the big picture, it’s no great leap to say it’s all about balance. While Regency can attest that Kelly greets every day with a smile, Kelly says exactly the same about Kayla. “She just loves life, and greets everything with a wagging tail and a smile. She never has a bad day,” Kelly said. “I think that’s a great approach to life.”

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